What to know about pre-site work for your custom luxury hone in North CarolinaIf you are ready to build the custom luxury home of your dreams, it means you have established a solid foundation in your life. Your gifts, talents, and intelligence stand on the shoulders of your strong work ethic, core values, and commitment to doing your best every day. These make up the cornerstone on which your dreams are built. 

Your home should be built on a strong foundation as well. Pre-site work is one of the most important aspects of your project. In this article, we’re discussing what you need to know about pre-site work and how to make sure you are prepared for this important step toward moving into the home of your dreams. 

Five Things You Need to Know About Pre-Site Work

1) Setting Your Budget

Part of budgeting for your home must include pre-site work. You may already have land on which you plan to build your custom home, or you are searching for the perfect site based on factors like:

  • The view
  • Lake access
  • Proximity to towns and cities
  • Resale value
  • Schools and healthcare
  • Etc. 

You have to include more than merely the cost of the perfect plot of land into your budget. In fact, sometimes, the view and lake access may come with their own set of financial additionals and challenges. Whether you are shopping for land or preparing your property for your home, make sure you factor pre-site work into your budget. 

2) Choosing Your Homesite 

 We wrote about choosing a homesite in more detail in this article:

“The Best of Both Worlds: In the piedmont, foothills, and High Country of North Carolina, we have the best of both worlds. You can build your luxury dream house outside of the city limits but still be minutes from restaurants, concerts, shopping, quality medical care, etc.”

The cost of your home site will play in more than just the cost per acre when developing a custom luxury home. You have the option of building your home exactly where you want it. The following are some of the costs you may have to consider:

  • Engineering and surveying consultancy
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Removing trees (although, if your property has mature forests, you may be able to recoup and even profit from clearing timber)
  • Taking measures to prevent erosion
  • Sewer, water, and electricity are all operational.
  • Construction of roads and driveways
  • Existing structures are demolished.
  • Installation of landscaping
  • Preparing your land for construction by grading and leveling it

Of course, if you’re building within the city limits or in a development, some of these fees may be reduced. At the same time, there might be additional fees and permitting required in some municipalities. Nonetheless, be sure you’ve budgeted for these expenses.

3) Erosion and Drainage

Your pre-site work will involve more than just making a place suitable for your foundation. It will include grading, leveling, and protecting your property and home from water, erosion, and drainage issues. Whether your home is on the side of a mountain or by the lake, excess rain, wind, and nature will try to work against its foundation. Pre-site work will help mitigate those concerns. 

If your home will have a basement or crawlspace, it can be susceptible to moisture-related concerns. Consider incorporating high-quality waterproofing materials into your home during the pre-site and initial build phases. 

4) Plan For Outdoor Living

When it comes time for your custom home builder to hand you your keys, you want to make sure your home is ready for you and your family. The last thing you want to do is regret not clearing trees for a view or putting in a pool after the project is complete. Your landscaping and outdoor living spaces are something to plan for initially, not after the fact.

5) There Are Always Intaginbles

You may have found the perfect potential home site for your dream home. On the surface, it may appear that the only thing you need to do is break ground on the foundation and start building. However, there are always intangibles, especially during the pre-site work phase, that could change timelines and budgets. 

Be prepared for the unexpected, so at the very least, you are presently surprised when everything goes smoothly. 

The Advantage of Using a Turn-Key Design – Build Firm

Building your custom luxury dream home should not be a stressful project. You should be able to enjoy every step of the process. To help avoid headaches during the pre-site work phase, your best bet is to work with an experienced design – build team. 

ExCo Design – Build provides a luxury experience from consultation through delivery and every step in between. Our expert design and build team will make your dream home come to life. To sign up for your consultation, fill out this short form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.