Are you ready for the house of your dreams? You have spent countless hours working toward the goal of making sure your family has everything they deserve. Chances are you have dreamed about the point at which you can finally start having a conversation about building or buying an amazing primary residence or vacation home. 

But that’s the question – do you want to build or buy your luxury home? In this article, we are answering that very important question as well as providing a guide for how to proceed if you do choose to build. We’re walking through the pros and cons of each to help you make the right decision.

Advantages of Buying an Existing Home

There are, of course, pros and cons to buying an existing house:

1) Searching For an Existing Home Can Be Fun

One of the best parts of buying an existing home is that you can start your search immediately. It can be a lot of fun to write down the needs and desires of each family member. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can start searching online and looking at pictures. Most online real estate platforms allow you to make lists of your favorites, and realtors expect clients to already have properties in mind by the time they reach out.

Making your list and narrowing down your choices can be fun when it’s not exhausting.

2) You Can See a House With Your Own Eyes

When you build a house, you can’t see the finished product until it’s completed. With an existing home, you know exactly what you have. Of course, you might still make substantial changes, but there is a level of comfort with seeing a physical home with your own eyes.

3) You Can Move Right In

After weeks or months of searching for the perfect home, when you find the right one, you still have thirty to forty-five days before you can close. But once you close, the wait is over; you can move right in.

When you sign the paperwork to build a home, it could be quite some time before you get to move in.

Buying an existing home has disadvantages as well. The cons of buying an existing luxury house are centered on the impossibility of getting exactly want you want and deserve. You will have to compromise.

Disadvantages of Buying an Existing Home

1) It’s Impossible To Find The Exact Location You Want

Real estate is all about location, right? It’s not The house of your dreams unless it’s in the perfect location. There are countless factors to consider, such as:

  • How close is your home to work?
  • How much land do you want?
  • Do you want a lawn or a natural feel?
  • Do you want to be close to a specific city or town, family, food, etc.? Do you prefer seclusion?
  • Do you want a view of the lake, mountains, creeks, waterfalls, etc.?
  • Do you need boat access?

These questions barely scratch the surface. If you purchase an existing home, you will have to compromise on something. You can use this list and add to it to come up with your own system to help you prioritize your location needs and preferences.

2) It’s Impossible To Get Exactly What You Need and Want

Of course,  you will have to compromise on more than just location. You’re not going to find a home that has all your desires. The goal is to get as close as possible. However, you’ll have to balance waiting for the perfect home with potentially missing out on one that checks most of the boxes.

3) It’s Impossible To Know The Extent of Its Condition

With an existing home, you weren’t there when it was built, so even with inspections and due diligence, you’re still not going to be truly confident about its condition. You will always have to take it with a measure of faith.

Why You Should Consider Building Your Custom Luxury Home

If you don’t want to compromise on your dream home, the answer is to work with a design – build team to bring it to life. 

Why You Should Build Your Dream Home

There are many advantages to building your own luxury home. Some of them include the following:

  • Location: While there are limits to where you can build, such as available land, zoning, and your budget, building still gives you the most control over where you live. 
  • Options: Building gives you the most available options to make your house your own. You don’t have to compromise on your dreams when you build. 
  • Availability: You do not have to wait for your dream house to hit the market when you choose to build. 
  • Customization: When you build a custom home, you don’t have to worry about trying to fit your dream in a builder’s box.
  • Quality: Building your dream house means you can choose to work with the best of the best. 
  • Luxury: Working with the right team can ensure you can have a luxurious experience from start to finish. 

Why You Should Work with a Custom Luxury Home Desing – Build Team 

ExCo Design – Build delivers a luxury experience from the moment of consultation till you get the keys and beyond. 

  • Consultation: Your luxury house consultation is the first step. For you and your family, we want to build the house of your dreams. We want to make sure we get to know you and you get to know us. This will help us design and build the home you expect. 
  • Design: Our designers will bring your dreams to life, incorporating the elements of your desires, vision, and needs. You will get a 3D visual of your property and have every opportunity to customize it according to what you want. You may not get to walk through your house the way you would if you were shopping for an existing property, but you will get to see it come to life. 
  • Build: The build phase might make you feel like a kid again, waiting eagerly to see if Santa brought you the gift you asked for and trying to guess what presents are under the tree. The difference with our custom luxury home design – build process is that you know you’re getting exactly what you want. 
  • Delivery: We make sure that every last detail is taken care of so that your dream home is ready to be filled with your memories and enjoyed to the utmost as soon as you get the keys.
  • Even once you have the keys, we are still available to assist you with any concerns, maintenance issues, adjustments, additions, or other requirements you may have.

ExCo Design – Build | Custom Luxury Homes in North Carolina 

Your house is a reflection of your personality. It’s a place for you and your family to unwind. There should not be a single aspect of the project with which you are unhappy. ExCo Design – Build takes your idea for your house and makes it a reality. We provide a luxury process from beginning to end. Let us help you take the initial step toward designing and building your dream luxury home.

If you’re ready to get started with your consultation, we would love to hear from you