Landscaping Tips for Your Custom Luxury HomeAs winter fades and spring blooms, the valleys and ridges come to life in North Carolina. Colors will spring forth first in the lower elevations of the piedmont, moving up through the foothills and into the mountains. Soon, the entire state will be transformed from the dull grays of winter to the vibrant and lush greens of spring and summer.

Millions of people visit the lakes, rivers, and mountains of western North Carolina to enjoy the beauty of the season. For homeowners in our area, you can capture the magic of spring with your landscaping and garden. As you prepare for your custom luxury home, don’t forget to factor your outdoor spaces into your project.

Here are five tips for creating an outdoor space you and your family can enjoy during spring and throughout the year as you design your home:

Five Tips for Landscaping and Outdoor Living Spaces

1) Start Thinking About Your Outdoor Living Spaces From the Beginning

In our area, you and your family want to spend as much time outside as possible. As you begin the design – build process for your custom home, don’t get so lost in the exterior and interior design details that you forget about your outdoor living spaces. Some outdoor living elements that will take your property to the next level:

  • A beautiful, relaxing pool area
  • An outdoor kitchen that is convenient to use
  • Entertainment spaces for parties and family get-togethers
  • Water features and quiet spaces
  • Beautiful trees and plants
  • A raised garden
  • Seating areas in view of the mountains or lake

Adding these elements to the planning process from the beginning is ideal and will help ensure you have the home of your dreams at the end of the design – build process.

2) Make Your Landscaping Fits With Your Surroundings

Wherever you build your dream house in North Carolina, the surrounding area will be beautiful. For beautiful, low-maintenance landscaping, you might choose to use native plants and those that blend well with the nature around your property.

Plants on your property will grow with considerably less work if you install those that are native. Native plants have a built-in resilience to native pests and diseases, and they can thrive without supplementary watering. You might choose to install a combination of native and exotic trees and plants. Having landscaping that is natural can give your exotics a better chance at protection and survival.

3) Don’t Cut Corners on Your Landscaping Budget

When building a custom house, it’s safe to say the attention of most is focused on the home itself. Not only does that apply to design, but also budget.

“Your dream home is not finished until your landscaping is installed. Make sure you budget for the look and feel you want your yard to have.” – Link here to blog about budgeting.

Your landscaping is the first thing you see when you return home every day. It’s also the first thing your neighbors and guests see. Make sure you budget enough for landscaping to ensure you will enjoy and be proud of your outdoor spaces.

4) Build Outdoor Living Spaces that Can Be Used All Year

We experience all four seasons in North Carolina. The weather is almost always perfect for spending time outdoors from spring through fall. However, there are times during the hottest part of summer and coldest days of winter when it’s challenging to be outside. Should your outdoor living space be dormant for a third of the year?

Absolutely not! When you build your custom home, there are options for ensuring you can spend time outside even when it would be traditionally too cold or too hot.

To help when it’s hot, an expert home designer can help you make the best use of shade, protecting your outdoor spaces from the heat. They can work with you to choose building materials that reflect heat, install fans that provide airflow, and advise on high-efficiency HVAC units like mini-splits that can take the edge off the humidity.

When it’s cold, you need spaces that make the most out of the sunshine. Additionally, natural gas firepits are an efficient way to warm up your porch or patio. Adding hardy plants that remain green during winter will help bring life to your property when everything around is dull and grey.

5) Consider Planning for a Garden

North Carolina has a long growing season, and many fruits and vegetables thrive. As you plan for your custom luxury home, consider planning ahead for space to grow a garden.

  • You can make your gardening easier by installing raised beds in your new home. This will help protect it from animals while ensuring your plants get plenty of nutrients.
  • Consider adding irrigation and rainwater collection.
  • Some trees will not produce fruit for years, so you want to plant them sooner than later to reap the benefits.
  • For year-round growing potential, consider including a greenhouse in your project.
  • Incorporate your garden into the overall aesthetics of your outdoor living space.

When choosing a custom home design – build firm, you want a team who can develop the big picture while also thinking through the small details. ExCo can make your dream home and garden become a reality. Contact us to schedule your free consultation and get started with your luxury design – build process.