When it comes time for a construction project, ensuring quality in the contractors you hire is essential. Poor workmanship can lead to delays and additional costs, not to mention a finished product that doesn’t meet structural and safety expectations.

Quality assurance can be defined as maintaining a desired level of quality obtained through standardized processes and procedures. When you sign a contract with a builder, you are entitled to and should expect a certain level of quality in the result. This blog post will cover the key factors you should consider when choosing a contractor.

Quality Assurance Specifies Standards During The Design Process

Quality is inherent to the planning and designing process of a project. Selecting the location, materials, and construction standards that’ll take part in the construction ultimately defines the result. However, it’s vital for you to find a contractor that can guarantee an outstanding result through a reliable quality assurance process.

Inquire about their process

It would be helpful for your scouting process to start asking questions about their QA process. “Is your QAP specific or general” is a great way to start the conversation. Every project has its own needs, so the QAP must be specific.

Additional questions like “What do your quality preconstruction activities consist of?” “How do you monitor the project?” A clear QAP takes the speculation out of it and shows a company is committed to delivering the quality they promise their clients.

A Clear Vision Of Your Project

A contractor should have no problem understanding your project’s scope and giving you a detailed vision of how they’ll complete it. You want to trust that your contractor understands the task and can execute it flawlessly.

Follow The Quality Compass

If you’re satisfied with the answer to your questions, it’s time to verify if the reality lives up to the promises. Ask your potential contractor to take you to an ongoing construction site or finished project. Catalogs and pictures start the conversation, but evidence closes the deal.

Ensure Outstanding Results Working With ExCo Design – Build

Scouting for a design-build firm can be a daunting task in North Carolina. Still, the process is worth it when you find a quality contractor like ExCo Design-Build. We pride our quality assurance procedures and promise to provide our clients with a detailed vision of their project from start to finish.

We’re experienced contractors willing to help you create tailored spaces. There’s no project our design-build team can’t develop. We deliver outstanding results, following high-quality standards. Schedule an appointment with us!