It’s not easy to find the right contractor, especially with contemporary urbanistic progress. There are many things to consider – price, quality, schedule, etc. And it can be tough to figure out which factors are the most important to you.

This blog post will discuss the different priorities that investors and developers should focus on when choosing a contractor. We’ll also provide tips for narrowing down your search and finding the right builder for your project!

Today’s Project Are Getting Less & Less “Traditional”

To begin with, this is great. We’re witnessing developers embracing emerging construction methods and techniques. There are still many single-purpose units, like apartment buildings, hospitals, etc., in construction. However, urban development needs are being met more efficiently by multi-purpose spaces.

This poses a crucial question for developers and investors “Who’s qualified to execute my project?” and “How do I tell them apart?” Here’s a brief list of different disciplines of construction firms that can help you align your priorities with their knowledge:


Your Priorities: Detail Oriented, Effective Communication, Multi-Platform Inspection Process

Healthcare builders have to be expert-level detail orientated. From following strict guidelines to foreseeing issues, they must be capable of communicating. Whether it’s collaborating with a health & safety consultant to ensure the space meets the operational criteria.

In addition, healthcare builders work side by side with state & private inspectors for brick-and-mortar & virtual routine inspections.

Higher Education

Your Priorities: Successful Remodeling of Occupied Space, Traffic Management, and Tight Site Solutions.

Higher Education builders face many different types of challenges. Unless starting a project from 0, thousands of students moving around, parking, and general accessibility can make getting materials to your Jobsite extremely difficult. This challenge requires creative solutions, e.g., offsite prefabrication and just-in-time delivery.


Your Priorities: Speed to Market, Quality Analysis & Control, Tight Construction Schedule

Repetition is at the heart of multifamily development. That’s why effective residential builders take advantage of offsite prefabrication’s advantages. The sooner the project is completed, the sooner clients can profit from it.

In addition, multifamily project teams must be quality control experts. With hundreds of rooms to inspect and turn over, their quality control strategy must be precise and thorough to ensure the finished work doesn’t get damaged later.


Your priorities: Large Facilities, Cost and Schedule Efficiency, Equipment Installation

Of all the market sectors we’re talking about, industrial projects have the most potential for variety. Industrial builders are flexible and monitor every aspect of the project on schedule. Industrial builders have experience handling deliveries and installing sensitive and expensive equipment.

Suppose you have an extended lead time or supply shortages. In that case, you’ll need a contractor who has recognized the issues early enough to avoid delays on your project.

Ensure Outstanding Results By Hiring A Build Firm Aligned To Your Priorities

If you’re looking for an experienced team that can align with your priorities, ExCo Design-Build is a perfect match for you. Our design-build firm works tirelessly to help your project succeed. Based in North Carolina, we’ve worked on a wide range of projects all over the state.

Our top priority is always our client’s satisfaction. We’ll work with you to understand your vision and specific needs for the project. Our designers will sit down with you to define every detail. During the work, you’ll be able to oversee the whole project on-site or virtually with our head of construction.